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8 reasons you need a website

There are many reasons that your business needs a website. Here are the most important: Studies show that 80 percent of consumers use the internet to do research before they buy a product 24 hour access means your website is working for you even when you are not If...

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Keys To Success: Using keywords

ou probably know keywords are important to the success of your business online. Keywords — the words online customers look for when searching for the services or products you provide — are a critical factor in SEO, and help determine how close to the top of the...

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Four inspiring colour palettes

've mentioned before the importance of colour in website design. Colours have a profound affect on the way we perceive brands, so the correct selection is rather important. Whether they are used to create a certain mood or to emphasise particular elements of your...

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SEO: Build it up and keep it up

f you’re doing business or promoting your company online, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the key to success. Basically, SEO what you do with your website to make your business appear higher up in online search results – an obvious advantage when so many...

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Web Design Trends: This season’s latest

one are the days when web design was limited to layouts that simply consisted of a header, a footer and a sidebar with content in the centre. Not that this isn’t a useful layout. There are still many beautiful sites using this design and sometimes it’s the most...

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Laying It Out: Harmonious homepages

ow your site looks is more than just a matter of aesthetics — it actually affects the reader's experience. Keeping readers engaged means making your site more appealing — and that means focusing on your layout, structure and style, not just on having a great...

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5 ways to make your website more beautiful

hat makes a website beautiful? Your website is a conduit between your message and your reader - so whatever you are trying to say, you need to make sure it is appealing.Most businesses have a website these days. Even if they’re not offering online services, they...

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